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Vantera Partners, LLC

established 2003

Corporate Advisory and Merchant Banking . . . where Impact begins.


Vantera Briefcase ArtThe Vantera Partners Difference.

  • Vantera provides merchant banking and non-FINRA regulated corporate advisory services: restructuring, turnaround management, strategic planning, debt solutions, financial modeling and related services.
  • We have international experience with both private and public companies as well as a presence in  Asia and Europe.
  • Most clients are between $10 million to $300 million in revenues, often underperforming. We will consider companies above and below this range on a case-by-case basis.

We have world-class management know-how
in a “roll up your sleeves” tradition.

  • Most of the Vantera team members have been operating principals in their own companies.
  • We have many resident C-level executives with whom we regularly partner on our projects.

We’re nimble, scalable and deep in real world experience.

  • All Vantera team members possess a JD, CPA, MBA degree, securities or real estate broker’s licenses.
  • We assist clients in building new products and creating new opportunities.
  • We often have our own capital in client projects as a merchant bank  or capital from outside investors.

Our experience rivals that of much larger advisory firms.

  • Vantera navigates client firms through challenging business cycles and highly successful exit strategies to achieve above-peer valuations.
  • We look first to alternative cashflow solutions, e.g., licensing, strategic partnerships, etc., before pursuing dilutive equity structures.
  • We have vast relationships with numerous commercial banks, asset lenders, venture capital, private equity capital firms as well as foreign investment groups. 
  • We often partner with larger investment banks who are FINRA member firms for regulated activities.

Vantera Partners . . . a difference maker.

Please take the time to take a look at the rest of our website - then contact us to find out exactly what differences we might positively IMPACT to your company.