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R. Gordon Gooding

Advisory Board Member

Tel 250.863.2855




Gordon has 25 years of experience in early stage and start-up retail with up to $100 million in revenues, developing strategy and providing leadership in both finance and operations roles. He has worked in Western United States and Western Canada, with companies that have international subsidiaries and production, and cross border partnerships. Often working with evolving business strategies, he has developed a management approach and the modelling tools to help teams better understand their business models and assess their tactics, while building shareholder value.

For the past two years Gordon has been Vice President Finance, Sandstone Pharmacies.  Sandstone Pharmacies is a group of 20 pharmacies with 250 employees based in Calgary, Alberta that operates under a McKesson banner program. Sandstone focuses on patient-outcome as a key part of their practice, and as a result Sandstone has become an important contributor to the health of the communities that its stores are a part of.

While at Sandstone Gordon engineered a share buyback of 40% of the outstanding equity, which provided liquidity for investor groups that wanted to exit, and achieved control of the company by management and a few key investors. He is currently focused on assisting the management team understand and improve key metrics that will lead to longer term value creation.

For the three years prior to joining Sandstone Gordon was first a financial consultant and then the CEO of family owned Forewest Holdings located in metro Vancouver, BC. Forewest is a 35 store pharmacy group in the Pharmasave Co-op Program with approximately 400 employees.

Prior to that, Gordon spent 2 ½ years during 2010 to 2012 as the CEO of Paragon Pharmacies in Kelowna, BC. Paragon Pharmacies was a small Public Company controlled by Private Equity with about 350 employees that operated retail pharmacies in three western provinces in Canada.

While at Paragon Gordon led the company's turn around and positioning for sale. By creating strong normalized EBITDA growth, the team provided an opportunity for the shareholders to exit at an attractive valuation through a sale to Shoppers Drug Mart in a $73.5 million transaction.

Gordon started his retail career at Naartjie Custom Kids where he was the CFO though out the company’s early stages and until the company reached 55 stores. Naartjie eventually owned and operated 90 apparel stores in the USA and overseas, and is now headquartered in South Africa. While at Naartjie Gordon worked with Angel, Venture, and Private Equity investors to obtain $50 million in growth capital.