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  Ahmpac    Manufacturer   Nutritional Supplements
  All Day Electric    Construction    Electrical - Commercial
  Alta Mira   Real Estate   Residential 
  Banner Mattress   Manufacturer/Retail    Bedding Products
  Bausman & Company   Manufacturer   Custom Furniture
  Bausman & Company   Manufacturer   Real Estate
  BeDesign   Business Services   Design for Digital Marketing, TV & Movies
  Black & Veatch   Engineering & Construction   Water, Energy & Telecom
  Chick's Sporting Goods (now Dick's)   Retail   Sporting Goods
  CHROMx   Technology   Energy & Medical
  Creditz   Software   Non-Cash Currency Solution
  G I Joe's   Retail    Sporting Goods
  Graph Logic   Software     Accelerated Development Platform & Applications
  Grupo SMS    Business Services   Data Center Operations - International
  Himco   Software   Security
  Hoffy's Foods   Manufacturer    Food processor - Sausages and Cured Meats
  Impec LLC   Manufacturer    Apparel Consolidation of Contractors in Mexico
  Imperial Paving   Construction    Asphalt Paving
  J & S Striping   Construction    Asphalt Painting
  Marquee    Education   Chinese University Service Provider
  Momentum Distributors   Manufacturer   Auto Products --Filters
  Moon Crescent Studios   Business Services   Animation Studio -3D
  Naartjie    Retail    Proprietary Baby & Children's Apparel
  Navitas LLC   Energy   Local Utilities Operator
  Nebraska Ethanol Plant   Energy   Alternative Fuels Plant
  Nelson Engineering   Manufacturer   Aerospace Custom Parts
  nGap   eCommerce   Auction platform - Gov't Procurement
  Orion Plastics   Manufacturer    Polypropylene Products - Commercial Bags & Sheeting
  Passionate Pet   Retail    Pet Products
  Premier Building Maintenance Services   Business Services   Janitorial Services - Commercial/Gov't
  ProLogic   Business Services   IT Service Provider - India
  Realty Trac   Business Services   Software - Real Estate Foreclosure Data
  Red Cedar   Software   CAD System Interface Solution
  Reynosa Brothers   Manufacturer    Food processor - Mexican
  Schematic Cash Transactions   Business Services   Software - Internet Loyalty Solution Application
  Sirena Apparel   Manufacturer   Women's Swimwear
  Surface Optics   Manufacturer   Gov't Contract Optics Solutions
  Talon Executive Services   Business Services   IT and Physical Security 
  USSD   Recreation   Martial Arts Studios
  WestCorp Software   Software   Secured Internet Money Transfers - International
  Xinhua   Publisher   Chinese News Media 

[1] Projects listed include those completed by Principals and Partners, not Project Partners.

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