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  Chick's Sporting Goods (now Dick's)   Retail   Sporting Goods
  China Stem Cell   Healthcare   Pharma 
  Creditz   Software   Non-Cash Currency Solution
  ESC Medical Systems  Healthcare   Medical Devices
  Foodmaker   Retail   Restaurants
  G I Joe's   Retail    Sporting Goods
  IAT Multimedia   Software   B2C - Communications (Software Developer)
  Interactive Magic   Publisher - Internet    eGaming
  Koor Industries   Manufacturer    Chemical & Construction Products
  Manana Media   Media   Content
  Moon Crescent Studios   Business Services   Animation Studio -3D
  Naartjie    Retail    Proprietary Baby & Children's Apparel
  Nebraska Ethanol Plant   Energy   Alternative Fuels Plant
  Realty Trac   Business Services    Software - Real Estate Foreclosure Data
  Rocamojo   Manufacturer     Ethnic Foods
  Schematic Cash Transactions   Business Services   Software - Internet Loyalty Solution Application
  Tadiran Telecom    Telecom    Multi-Media and Complete IP Telecom Solutions
  Trillion Lighting LLC   Energy - Alternatives   Mobile App Controls for LED Lighting & Whole Buildings
  UB Matrix    Software   Propritary XBRL Applications 
  Warnaco   Manufacturer    Apparel - Calvin Klein, Olga, Speedo, etc
  WestCorp Software   Software   Secured Internet Money Transfers - International

[1] Projects listed include those completed by Principals and Partners, not Project Partners.
[2] Equity Placements include those performed by Principals and Partners in association with their  FINRA member broker-dealer relationships.

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