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  Bausman & Company   Manufacturer   Real Estate Showroom
  Chick's Sporting Goods (now Dick's)   Retail   Sporting Goods
  G I Joe's   Retail    Sporting Goods
  Great American Marketing   Manufacturer/ Distributor    Hardware & Paint Products
  Grupo SMS    Business Services   Data Center Operations - International
  Impec LLC   Manufacturer    Apparel Consolidation of Contractors in Mexico
  Laser Industries    Business Services   Printing
  Manana Media   Media   Content
  Pelican Rope-US Rigging   Manufacturer/Distributor   Custom Ropes, Fittings & Rigging
  WestCorp Software   Software   Secured Internet Money Transfers - International


[1] Projects listed include those completed by Principals and Partners, not Project Partners.
[2] Certain Sales, Mergers & Acquisitions include those performed by Principals and Partners in association with their FINRA member broker-dealer relationships.

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